• Creativity with precision
    Creativity with precision

When quality really matters

Creative artwork production

Robert Dyas say they couldn't do it without us; Mothercare say the same. Dunelm have improved efficiency because of us, Wrap & Poetry get excited over our precision and attention to detail, and Black & Decker admire our amazing ability to get the job done. All love our innovation and creativity.

What do we do for them? We design, artwork, colour manage, swatch match, retouch, photograph, provide workflows, render and serve images and content across the globe. In a nutshell, we love to create and produce!

Swatch matching

WK360 have been providing colour management and swatch matching services to the fashion and homewares industry for over 30 years now. Our experienced retouching team are photoshop wizards, capable of working their magic on anything from the softest tonal adjustment to a complete creative retouch. Flesh tones and backgrounds will complement your brand or products as directed, and your photographic execution will never be compromised by our work. We know how important your relationship with your retouching company needs to be, so we cultivate trust, because we know the value of a healthy partnership. This is as true for repro/printer communications too; we press pass regularly to ensure that printers are happy with what we supply. We've been doing this for so long now that we have developed exceptional relationships with printers across the UK, Europe and even the US.

Today colour management and swatch matching is important for the web as well as for print.  Nothing will put a customer off buying clothing, homewares and other products, where colour is one of the considerations, more than inconsistent, dull and lifeless images. The camera and lighting vary from shoot to shoot but by using professional colour management and retouching from WK360, your products will look bright, clear, detailed and accurate, reducing buyers doubt and expensive product returns. 

If you want to see what WK360's retouching and swatch matching team can do for you, we will run a test on two products for you so that you can see the quality and the effect on your product sales for yourself. 

MARC stands for Marketing Asset Resource Centre, our system of combined workflows that deliver solutions to suit you. Whether you're looking for help with image or content organisation, want to centralise your colour management, or need the convenience of an online approval system, our flexible modular system can combine digital asset management, online approval and automated workflows to make managing your projects slicker and more efficient than ever before. Challenge us – call our sales team today to improve your workflows and project management.