Past, Present and Future!

As you can imagine with a company that has been leading the way in the marketing services industry since 1979, there are too many stories to tell to keep you engaged on a website. The best thing to do is come and have a coffee with us; we might tell you a bit of the history, and a few stories, but we will certainly talk to you with great excitement about the future. It really is going to be amazing!

360 by name 360 by nature!

Marketing is changing, channels are exploding and the way forward feels confusing to many companies. At WK360 we are very certain of the future and we are investing heavily in it. Creativity in everything we do is the key. Our studios are full of young talent and experienced wisdom. Ingrained in the culture of the company is a strong work ethic combined with a brilliant account team that will do everything in their power to hit the deadline with top quality work, on budget. Of course they are spoilt because unlike most agencies we have a huge production capability in-house that includes a 30-strong studio of print designers, web designers, software and app developers, artworkers, illustrators, retouchers, photographers and videographers. Can you imagine not delivering with a resource like that to hand?

Meet the Directors

Lawrence Palmer - Managing Director

Richard Holland - Group Strategic
Creative Director

Matt Stearn - Group Content Director

Amanda Gatward - Print Media Director

Simon Pratt - Finance Director